Why Choose Us For Orthodontic Treatment

We love what we do and pledge to treat each patient with the same loving attention as we would a member of our own family. Your concerns are our concerns. Dr. Oakes limits the number of patients she treats per day so she has ample time to personally evaluate your progress at each appointment. We are committed to providing you with the personalized orthodontic care you deserve and we always do what is in the best interest of our patients!

Excellence in Orthodontics

Simply put, Dr. Oakes is a perfectionist. She is dedicated to excellence in orthodontics and doesn’t settle for less. She will give you the best orthodontic treatment imaginable using the latest technology. We manage our appointment schedule so you rarely, if ever, need to wait to be seen. When you arrive for your appointment, we are ready for you! As a patient, you will likely visit our office every 4-6 weeks throughout treatment. Because we carefully manage our appointment schedule and limit the number of patients we treat per day, we seldom get backed up.

We take great pride in providing you with the very best in orthodontic care. We know you will develop confidence in our office and hope you will feel comfortable in recommending us to your friends and family

Dr. Oakes had an additional three years of post-graduate work beyond the four years of dental school specifically for orthodontics. She is an orthodontic specialist, is a registered member of the American Association of Orthodontists, and she limits her practice specifically to orthodontics.

WOW Orthodontics
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