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At WOW Orthodontics, we use the best that modern technology has to offer so that our patients can enjoy the excellent dental care they deserve. At the end of the day, it all comes down to patient comfort, and Dr. Oakes uses these items on a daily basis to make sure that each patient has a comfortable, rewarding experience.

Digital Panorex X-Rays

Standard digital X-rays are taken one at a time and pieced together, but the digital panorex X-ray machine takes a panoramic picture of your entire mouth. Think of a panoramic picture of the Nashville skyline, but instead, this one is of your teeth! The panorex works by using a half-circle motion to capture a single image that includes your entire mouth and reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% (compared to standard X-rays).

CBCT Scan – 3D Imaging

Dr. Oakes uses the CBCT Scan – 3D Imaging System to help more accurately guide the movement of your teeth into place. CBCT Scan allows Dr. Oakes to take 3D images of your whole mouth without taking multiple X-rays. CBCT helps you to see what is normally unable to be seen with a traditional X-ray. It provides a birds-eye-view of an impacted tooth, an extra tooth, airway evaluation, condylar alignment, and much more. It is a critical tool that is used with cleft palate patients as well.

Early development is fundamental to the growth of your child

We are proud to offer the latest in dental technology, the ITero Invisalign scanner. For you, that means no more gooey impressions, more effective treatment, and aligners that are made faster so you can start treatment sooner. Once you decide that Invisalign is the best treatment option for you, an assistant will scan your entire mouth. She will show you exactly how your bite fits together, as well as any problem areas that we will be addressing. In approximately 10 minutes, your treatment plan will be ready for Dr. Oakes to make adjustments and approve. She will make each individual movement of your teeth with these personalized aligners.

Whiten While You Wait

Parents also love being able to whiten their smiles while waiting on their kiddo! 

Zoom! Whitening

Achieving a brighter smile is now easier than ever! If you want a whiter smile once you complete treatment Zoom! Whitening at our office is the answer. You have full control of the shade you want to achieve to give you the final, perfect touch to your smile.

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